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Welcome to Heeg Commercial Consultancy

Experts in Business Development, Change Management & ICT Financing  

Heeg Commercial Consultancy is a Dutch Company based in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. Because we are centrally located, we can easily operate across Europe

We help organizations that are on the verge of a change. Whether it is serving new markets, - introducing new products, designing a new go to market strategy or a - reorganization, we do have the knowledge, expertize and experience to help you successfully change. We can help you on strategic, operational and tactical levels. Our area of expertise is business development in the international business to business environment.

Growth and change are two essential elements for business. Managing =business as is= requires the time and expertise of the in-house talent, new initiatives to growth and/or change proof to be more successful when delivered by an external expert.
We have a practical hands-on approach, it is very important to understand your business and the issues and challenges you are facing, our focus and commitment however are on achieving the required results. We work on the principle that our clients know best their own business, they don't consult us for managing existing business but they require the knowledge and the expertise to develop their business. Heeg Commercial Consultancy has a large local and international knowledge base to help our clients with developments and changes that work specifically for their organizations.

Through our relationship with one of the world’s leading brands in financing solutions, we can help clients realize projects and finance expansion that otherwise would not be achievable. We focus on projects that put emphasis on use of the hardware rather then on the ownership. We help develop new business models;- pay per use, - revenue share and we will help you determine the best model for your business case. 




Heeg Commercial Consultancy capabilities and expertise includes: - Mergers & Acquisitions, - Business Development,- Sales & Marketing, -Commercial Partnerships,- Competitive Differentiation,- Strategic Alliances,- Management Consultancy,-  Strategy Development & Implementation

 ICT Financing: 

Investing in new solutions without the hardware on your balance. Stock financing, financing new projects or business opportunities. We can help you with all your financing needs provided they are in the ICT area.Our differentiator: We finance based on your business case, in stead of just the hardware included in the project.